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Orders, cards and balance adjustments
Orders, cards and balance adjustments

Orders, cards, balance adjustments… how do they all relate?

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Toggle stores transactional records of everything that happens across your gift card platform. At some point, your accountant will want to have a look under the hood at the numbers. You can download raw CSV data from Toggle. But how does all this data relate to each other?

Orders, cards and balance adjustments

Whether a customer purchases a card through your web shop or through your EPOS, all cards start life as an Order.

An order value relates to the payment a customer makes to you. For web orders, payments are taken via Stripe or Trust Payments.

For on-site orders, payments are taken by whatever EPOS and payment terminal/service combination you use (e.g. Barclays, Worldpay, Evalon etc.)

Of course a customer might purchase more than one card at a time. And for online orders, the order value might contain a postage charge too.

Balance adjustments are applied to a card. For example, any initial credit value and subsequent redemptions are applied to a card.

For reporting, we always recommend starting by downloading the balance adjustments CSV from Toggle. This is the raw data for all movements of card balances.

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