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How to sell digital gift cards on POS Mode
How to sell digital gift cards on POS Mode
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  1. Go to on your laptop / tablet device

  2. Log in using your email and password

  3. Select the site you're at

  4. Click the tab in the top left of the page and click Home

  5. Click Sell a card and select the details needed

Note: "Front of House Staff" users do not have access to selling gift cards on POS Mode. More info here on user roles.

Video guide:

Getting started...

Firstly, log in to POS Mode and if needed select your site (more info on that part here) and then click on the tab in the top left corner and click Home.

Then click on the Sell a card option.

After clicking Sell a card you will see a screen where you need to:

  • Select a card to sell

  • Select a price to load the card with

  • Select if the card will be physical or digital

The cards and pricing available on this section is based on what products (and respective price points) you have set up and are 'live' on your main dashboard, on the Shop page.

How to sell a digital gift card πŸ“§

See recording below for a quick visual guide:

1 - Enter the email address to send voucher to βœοΈπŸ“§

After selecting the digital option you will be asked to enter the email address the digital voucher should be sent to. Once you enter the email address click the right arrow to go to the next screen.

The digital voucher won't be sent out at this stage - if you need to go back and change the email address just click the left arrow on your screen.

2 - Taking payment or issue free of charge πŸ–₯οΈπŸ’΅

You'll be presented with two options:

  • Confirm payment has been taken. Pick this option if the customer is paying for the gift card. Payment must be taken externally from POS Mode e.g. via your card payment device or in cash. Once this part is completed click the right arrow button to go to the next screen.

Or, select -

  • Issue card free of charge. Sometimes you might need to issue a gift card for free - maybe as a goodwill gesture or for a competition prize. If you select this option you must give a reason for giving it away for free before you can proceed to the next screen and this reason show up on the Toggle reports.

Please note that the user's name will show up on the Toggle reports, so you can trace team members who issue gift cards free of charge.

Example for issuing free of charge:

How it looks on the reports:

3 - Enter the email address for receipt email (or not) βœοΈπŸ“§

The next screen will ask where to send the receipt email to. You have three options:

  • Don't sent a receipt email. You have the option to just click the right arrow to skip this screen and not send any receipt email, if the customer prefers this option.

  • Send the receipt email to the recipient's email address. You can click the "This is the same as the previous email" button to pull through the same email address used on the previous screen. This is a good, quick option if the customer is having the digital voucher sent to their own email address.

  • Send the receipt email to the purchaser. If the recipient email used on the previous screen is for someone else and not the person buying the gift card they might want the receipt email sent to their own email (and not to the recipient's email!) - so you just need to enter the purchaser's email here.

4 - Success! Digital voucher has been sent! πŸ₯³πŸ“¨

Once you press the right arrow the next screen you'll see will say "Success! Digital card has been sent to...". Tap Finish to return to the home screen.

This is the moment the digital voucher and the receipt email are sent to their respective email addresses - they should land in the inbox immediately.

If both emails were sent to the same address they might looks like this in the inbox:

On the left is how the digital voucher email might look for your customers when opened and on the right is the receipt email.

To customise your digital vouchers and receipt emails with wording, imagery, and links go to Customise > Gift email and Customise > Receipt email on your Toggle dashboard.

How to remove sell a card button on POS Mode

"Front of House Staff" users are the only user role that cannot see or access the Sell a card button on POS Mode.

However, if you would like to make Sell a card unavailable for all user roles / team members you can switch it off on your Toggle dashboard on Settings > General and set the "Show 'Sell A Gift Card' Button In POS mode?" to No.

Any help or questions please get in touch on

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