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Using Toggle on Zonal POS

Ready to start using Toggle on Zonal POS? Let us walk you through the Zonal interface...

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Getting started

When the Toggle Gift Card module is configured, you’ll see additional buttons on the Pay screen.

Pay Screen

Three buttons will be added to the Pay screen accessible by all POS Operators:

  • Gift Card Sale (and top up)

  • Gift Card Redeem

  • Gift Card Balance

Loading a Gift Card

To load a gift card with a variable value, select Gift card top product.

Enter the value that the customer wishes to upload to the card and select enter.

Scan or swipe the gift card to identify the card

Once completed a confirmation screen will be displayed; select OK

The gift card product will be added to the customer’s account.

The account should be closed with a normal payment type.

This is also how you can top up a gift card.

Gift Card Balance Check

If you want to check the customers gift card balance, press the ‘E-gift Balance Check’ function.

Scan or swipe the gift card to identify the card

When the data is retrieved, it will be presented with a screen like this:

eGift Id – The gift card number

Remaining Balance – The balance of a gift card available to customer.

Selecting print will print off a hard copy of the information shown in the dialog along with site and account header information.

Redeeming a Gift Card

If a customer wishes to redeem a gift card then enter the products as normal. At the payment stage select “Gift Card Pay”.

Scan or swipe the gift card to identify the card.

Enter the value that the customer wishes to redeem. The maximum value will either be the total balance on the card or the total of products in the account whichever is smaller.

The amount on the card will be deducted and the remaining balance will be displayed.

If a gift card is being used as part payment for an account then it is best practice to apply the gift card pay first.

A gift card can be loaded and redeemed multiple times, so if the customer wishes to reload a card then they can do if they wish.

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