Before we get started with this guide, the below guides may be useful to you:

- EPOS FAQs guide (an overview of how things work)

- EPOS integration guide (a detailed guide on how to integrate your EPOS)

📋Summary of how to integrate Toggle with your EPOS

To get your Toggle account(s) connected to your EPOS you need to do the following:

  • Add your sites to your Toggle account

  • Create an API on your Toggle account

  • Send the API details securely to your EPOS Account Manager

  • Add the relevant site IDs to your Toggle account

  • Test out a Toggle gift card on your EPOS to check it works as expected

The full details on how these steps are done are on our EPOS integration guide.

***Step 3: Send the API details securely by email to your EPOS Account Manager***

We recommend you download the Excel file on the blue link below and add the API username and password into the respective fields provided. Once this is done, save the file for you to keep, and send the file by email to your GS Systems Account Manager for them to do their integration.

Here's what's on the API file:

API endpoint:


(add the username you create here)


(add the password you create here)

Merchant ref:


Card range:


Card length:


Your GS Systems Account Manager will need to use all these details for their integration set up.

***Step 4: Add the relevant site IDs to your Toggle account***

Remember to ask your GS Systems Account Manager for the site IDs for you to add to your Toggle account.

Your GS Systems interface

Main Screen

There will be a button visible to access the gift card functions.

The gift card screen allows you to perform gift card related actions:

  • Balance enquiry

  • Gift Card Sale


Swiping a gift card or entering an emailed gift card code will display the card details and balance.

A top up amount can be selected by entering the required value or by selecting a preset value. Payment is taken and a receipt is issued with the card to show the loaded gift card balance.

Redeeming a gift card

On the Payment screen, select Gift Card and then swipe / scan the card or enter email code (for digital cards) to view the balance details.

The bill can be part or full paid depending on the value to either leave a zero balance, or a remaining gift balance to be used on a future visit.

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