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Using Toggle on Datasym (DBE)
Using Toggle on Datasym (DBE)

Ready to start using Toggle on Datasym? Let us walk you through the interface...

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Selling a card 

To sell a gift card, press the gift card button on the sales screen. Here it will prompt for a gift card number where you can scan/swipe or manually enter the gift card number. The card will not be activated until the sale has been completed. 

Checking a card balance 

The balance button is within the main menu. This allows you to check the balance of a gift card.

Redeeming a gift card

To redeem a gift card press the Gift Card button on the payments screen (see below) or scan/manually enter the gift card number.

Datasym partners

You may also use Datasym through one of these resellers/partners:

  • DBE

  • WRS

If you need help or have questions please contact our support team at

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