To configure a Zonal till to connect to Toggle, follow these steps:

  1. At head office, navigate to Base Data -> Site -> CLM and select the EsVelte plugin from the plugin drop down. Enter in the desired information for the plugin:


Toggle’s support team will provide you with the username and password.

Enter the following into the API field:

 2. Prefix groups must also be setup in Base Data -> CLM Settings -> Prefix Group:

Unless otherwise provided, the prefix should be set to: 63011900

Max length should be set to: 19

3. At head office, create the EsVelte gift card product in Product Modelling that will be used to sell/top up gift cards:

The product is best setup as a standard line product. Ensure the product is added to the sites theme

  1. Add the EsVelte balance check button to the sites theme. These are in Other Lists -> iZone

2. The EsVelte payment method must also be configured in Aztec finance. Setup the payment method similar to the following:

Once setup add the payment method button to the sites theme.

If you need further support regarding till configuration, please get in touch with your Zonal account manager.

Please note that redemption of gift cards is not currently supported on Zonal iServe iPad/iPod at-table ordering.

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