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How to connect Zonal with Toggle
How to connect Zonal with Toggle
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Note: Only Store Owner users can create the API on Step 2.


  1. Add your site(s) to Toggle

  2. Create an API on Toggle

  3. Send the API details to Zonal

  4. Add Zonal's site IDs to Toggle

  5. Test if a gift voucher works at your site(s)

Step 1: Add your site(s) on Toggle

If needed here's more info on how to add sites (video included).

The sites you'll be redeeming gift cards at need adding to Toggle. This step might already be done, but it's worth checking.

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Site Settings

  3. Add the site name, its address, and any number or reference for it

  4. Click add

  5. Repeat this step for however many sites you need to add

Step 2: Create an API on Toggle

If needed here's more info on how to create the API (video included).

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Integrations > Zonal

  3. Click create new user

  4. Copy the username and password onto a separate document and press create

Once you click create you can't retrieve the API password again so that's why we recommend saving it in a separate document.

Step 3: Send the API to Zonal and ask for your site IDs

You'll need to send the API username and password you created on Step 2 along with the info below to your Zonal Account Manager.

  1. Copy the table below into something like a Word document

  2. Add the API username and password to it

  3. Password protect the file for security

  4. Send the file to your Zonal Account Manager asking them to configure your tills

  5. Ask your Zonal Account Manager for your site IDs

API endpoint:


(add the username you create here)


(add the password you create here)

Merchant ref:


Card range:


Card length:


Step 4: Add site IDs to Toggle

Whilst your Zonal Account Manager does the relevant configuration using your API details, add the site IDs they sent you to Toggle.

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Integrations > Zonal

  3. Paste in each ID to their respective site

  4. Save

The site IDs allow the Zonal and Toggle system to know where a gift card was sold or redeemed at. Without these IDs in Toggle your integration won't work.

Step 5: Test the integration works

Once your Zonal Account Manager has confirmed they've configured your tills it's good to check vouchers do work.

We recommend you:

  1. Use the voucher code on the till to see if it works (e.g. redeem it, check balance)

Other people on your team may benefit from seeing how gift vouchers works durng this stage.

If an error is flagged on the till, get in touch with Toggle and Zonal so we can help troubleshoot it.

Our other guide Using Toggle on Zonal POS may also be useful.

The Zonal set up

Note: This is usually done by your Zonal Account Manager. However, if you are self-managing your installation, this guide will help you configure your Zonal POS to work with Toggle.

Configurations do vary from installation to installation, so this is an approximate guide only. This guide also assumes some prior knowledge of configuring and managing EsVelte.

If you need further support, please speak to your Zonal Account Manager.

1. At head office, navigate to:

a. Base Data > Site > CLM

b. Select the EsVelte plugin from the plugin drop down.

c. Enter in the desired information for the plugin:

Username = refer to step 2/3 above

Password = refer to step 2/3 above

Merchant Ref = 2

2. Prefix groups must also be setup in:

a. Base Data > CLM Settings > Prefix Group

Prefix = 63011900

Max length = 19

3. At head office, create the EsVelte gift card product in Product Modelling that will be used to sell/top up gift cards. The product is best setup as a standard line product. Ensure the product is added to the sites theme.

4. Add the EsVelte balance check button to the sites theme. These are in Other Lists > iZone

5. The EsVelte payment method must also be configured in Aztec finance. Setup the payment method similar to the following:

Once setup add the payment method button to the sites theme.

If you need help or have questions please contact our support team at

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