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Using webhooks to link Toggle to other third party platforms
Using webhooks to link Toggle to other third party platforms

Find out about webhooks and how to use them with Toggle.

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What are they?

Webhooks allow us to send near real-time messages to a third party service when certain events occur. For example, when a purchase or a redemption happens.

Why are they useful?

If you have other platforms that need to trigger events or store data when things happen in Toggle, webhooks are a great way of getting the two platforms talking to each other. Perhaps you want to store each purchase and redemption to your CRM? Or trigger your own emails?

How to get started

  1. Consider what it is you want to do with the data from Toggle and what event you’d like to trigger this on (e.g. a purchase, redemption, registration, balance check etc.)

  2. Speak to your developers and then get in touch with our support team. We’ll ask you where you’d like to send the data and when.

  3. Your developers will set up an “end-point” which will receive the data.

  4. Your developers will also likely then want to code a connection with Toggle to get additional information from our API to facilitate your particular mechanics.

  5. Et voila! You now have a real-time connection with us.

Find out all the info, including what data can be drawn out of Toggle, on our developer page here.

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