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Data: The Emails report
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The Emails report is downloadable on your Toggle dashboard as a CSV file. You can open the report into a spreadsheet program such as Excel to view and edit the raw data.

Where to find and download the Emails report.

Here's the steps to find and download the Emails report:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. Click on Data found on the sidebar

  3. Click on Emails

  4. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range to pull the data from*

  5. Click Add to queue

  6. Click the green download button when the export has completed its download

* This is based on the order creation date e.g. if you select January 1st 2022 - January 31st 2022 the data on the export will contain only the gift cards and products that were ordered within that date range.

What's on the Emails report?

The Emails report contains all the names and email addresses of all customers who have purchased or been sent a gift card or product within the date range you've selected for download.

This report also states whether the purchaser or recipient has or has not opted in for marketing consent - this is indicated by the date and time they opted-in (if they did opt-in).

What headers are on the Emails report and what do they mean?


If you're importing your opt-in data into an external email platform these IDs could be useful for identifying each opt-in. This particular ID is not searchable within the Toggle dashboard e.g. the Purchases section.

First name

This is the customer's first name - they will have entered this name on the webshop checkout page if they purchased a gift card or product, or if they are the recipient of a gift card then the name here is what the recipient entered if they registered their card.

Last name

This is the customer's last name - ditto to what's mentioned above.


This is the email address the purchaser entered for themselves at the webshop checkout. The recipient's email address is the one they entered when registering their gift card.


If there's a '1' in the cell this signifies that the name and email address along the same row is related to the recipient of a gift card i.e. if someone was sent a gift card and they then registered their gift card, which requires entering their email address. If this cell is blank then that customer is not the recipient.


If there's a '1' in the cell this signifies that the name and email address along the same row is related to the purchaser of a gift card i.e. if someone purchased the gift card or product on the webshop (or on POS Mode if you use this). If this cell is blank then that customer is not the purchaser.

Consented at

If there's a date and time in this cell this signifies that the customer HAS opted in for marketing consent via the webshop checkout page or the register card page. If there's no date and time then the customer HAS NOT opted-in for marketing consent.

A quick visual reference on how the report file looks and how to interpret the opt-ins:

Annotation on 2022-01-14 at 17-08-22.png
Annotation on 2022-01-14 at 17-10-37.png

Things to note about marketing consent opt-ins:

Point 1 - opt-ins are usually from the purchaser rather than the recipient

When you download this report you'll notice that there's probably a lot more purchaser opt-ins compared to recipients. This is because it's easier to capture their opt-in since they have to choose to opt-in or opt-out before making their purchase via your webshop - therefore you're much more likely to get them to opt-in.

Recipients on the other hand don't have to register their gift card in order to use it, therefore many of them will not visit the Register Card page that's on your webshop in order to be prompted to opt-in.

Point 2 - recipients of a retail product can't opt-in

Another reason fewer opt-ins are from recipients is because they can't opt-in if they have been sent a retail product. A purchaser of a retail product from your webshop is still prompted to opt-in or out of marketing consent at the checkout page, however the person receiving that product won't need to register their product since it's specific to gift and experience cards.

Point 3 - purchasers of a gift card in-store can't opt-in

If someone is buying a gift card in-store via the till then there's no marketing opt-in for them, so they won't be able to consent to anything.

Point 4 - marketing opt-ins can change over time

If a recipient hasn't opted-in at the time you downloaded the Email export, this doesn't mean they won't later on. E.g. someone who received a gift card in December may decide to register their gift card and opt-in, in March. If you're manually downloading these reports and importing the opted-in customers to a different platform every so often, it'll be worth downloading the export from when you started using Toggle (or going back maybe 6 or 12 months) to ensure you're capturing all opt-ins.

Similarly, if a purchaser doesn't opt-in on their first gift card / product purchase on your webshop, they might opt-in the next time they purchase something.

How do I use the data on the Emails export to contact customers who have opted in?

Using Airship CRM.

If you are using Airship CRM you can connect your Toggle account to your Airship account. Doing this will mean opt-in data will automatically flow into your Airship account which will allow you to contact them with marketing messages. Read more about connecting with Airship here: Connect Airship with Toggle.

Using a different emailing platform.

If you use a different emailing platform than Airship (e.g. MailChimp) you will need to either:

  1. Manually download the Emails report and import the names and email addresses of customers who have opt-ed in for marketing consent. This will require re-downloading the export every week or month to capture any new opt-ins.

  2. Or, if you have a developer available, you can use Toggle's webhooks to link your emailing platform to Toggle, so data flows automatically across.

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If you require any help about the Emails report please get in touch with our support team at


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