The Discounts CSV file can be found on the Data section on your Toggle account.

This file contains information on the discounts applied to your gift cards - e.g. whether it was an FOC or through a promotional discount or value-added offer.

What headers are on the Orders CSV file?

  • Discount ID

  • Discount Value

  • Discount Type

  • Promotion campaign name

  • Promotion code used

  • Order ID

  • Transaction ID

  • Line item ID

  • Fulfilment ID

  • Transaction date

What does each header mean?

Discount ID: An internal unique reference for this particular discount

Discount Value: The value discounted

Discount Type: Type of discount. Typically: 'Promotion' or 'FOC' or 'Balance Import'

Promotion campaign name: The promotion name (if any) will show here

Promotion code used: Any promo code that was used for the discount will show here

Order ID: If associated with an order, the ID will show here

Transaction ID: If associated with a transaction, the ID will show here

Line item ID: An internal ID that links this discount with a card

Fulfilment ID: An ID to link this to a particular fulfilment
Transaction date: The date and time the transaction happened


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