The Discounts export is downloadable on your Toggle dashboard as a CSV file. You can open the export into a spreadsheet program such as Excel to view and edit the raw data.

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Where to find and download the Discounts export.

Here's the steps to find and download the Discounts export:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. Click on Data found on the sidebar

  3. Click on Discounts

  4. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range to pull the data from*

  5. Click Add to queue

  6. Click the green download button when the export has completed its download

* This is based on the order creation date e.g. if you select January 1st 2022 - January 31st 2022 the data on the export will contain only the gift cards and products that were ordered within that date range.

What's on the Discounts export?

This file contains information on the discounts applied to your gift cards - e.g. whether it was an FOC or through a promotional discount or value-added offer.

What headers are on the Orders CSV file?

  • Discount ID

  • Discount Value

  • Discount Type

  • Promotion campaign name

  • Promotion code used

  • Order ID

  • Transaction ID

  • Line item ID

  • Fulfilment ID

  • Transaction date

What does each header mean?

Discount ID: An internal unique reference for this particular discount

Discount Value: The value discounted

Discount Type: Type of discount. Typically: 'Promotion' or 'FOC' or 'Balance Import'

Promotion campaign name: The promotion name (if any) will show here

Promotion code used: Any promo code that was used for the discount will show here

Order ID: If associated with an order, the ID will show here

Transaction ID: If associated with a transaction, the ID will show here

Line item ID: An internal ID that links this discount with a card

Fulfilment ID: An ID to link this to a particular fulfilment
Transaction date: The date and time the transaction happened


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