This campaign idea latches onto the increase in online sales by offering up a physical retail item to enjoy at home, but also incorporates a free or discounted gift card to get people through your doors as well.

Here's how to create this deal.

Step 1: Create a new gift card and mark it as private

Go to Products

Click on Add

Select the Gift Card option

Fill out the form and set the gift card to 'Active' and 'Private'. Set one value e.g. £20.

Step 2: Create a retail product (or use one you've already created)

Go to Products

Click on Add

Select the Retail Products option

(Add postage rules if you haven't done so before)

Fill out the form

Step 3: Add a special offer discount to the gift card

Go to Promotions

Click Add promotion

Select the Special Offer option

Fill out the form

Assign the promotion to the gift card you created

Step 4: Bundle the gift card and retail product together

Go to Products

Click Add

Select Bundle option

Fill out form

Add your newly created gift card and your retail product together

The finished bundle deal will look a little bit like this:

When clicking onto the bundle the customer will see the promotional deal attached - this is highlighted in green.

Need any help getting this set up? Contact our support team -

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