Getting your customers engaged with a Pay-it-Forward towards your nominated cause is a great way to boost the feel good factor for all involved. To say thank you to those who donate, give them something to look forward to by offering them a free gift card to spend next time they visit you.

Here's how to create this.

Step 1: Create a Pay-it-Forward gift

Go to Products

Click Add

Select the Pay it Forward option

Fill out form

Step 2: Create new gift card or experience

Go to Products

Click Add

Select either the Gift Card or Experience options

Fill out form

Step 3: Create a Special Offer promotion

Go to Promotions

Click Add promotion

Select the Special Offer option

Fill out the form; remember to set promotion to a 100% discount

Assign the promotion to the gift or experience you just created

Step 4: Bundle the Pay-it-Forward and the Gift Card together

Go to Products

Click Add

Select the Bundle option

Bundle together the Pay-it-forward and Gift Card

Now that's all done, your bundle will look a bit like this on your webshop:

When a customer visits your webshop and clicks this Bundle, they'll make a donation towards the charitable cause and also receive a free gift card by email.

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