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Quick summary

Here's the steps to create an Experience voucher:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. From the sidebar, click on Shop > Products

  3. Click on 'Add'

  4. Select the 'Experience' option

  5. Fill in the details (see below for more details)

  6. Press Save

What is an Experience voucher?

Experiences are a set-piece package. For example, an "Afternoon Tea" package or a "Cocktail Masterclass". An Experience is intended to be used for the exact thing being marketed, whereas a regular monetary voucher can be spent on anything.

How will Experiences look on my Toggle shop?

They'll look similar to your other gift cards and products.

Once you've saved your Experience on the dashboard, click on the 'My Shop Link" found on the sidebar of the dashboard to access your Toggle shop.

Below is an example of some Experiences.

About step 5: "filling in the details"

Experience name

Add a name for the experience. This will show up on the Toggle shop and on the voucher the customer gets.

Experience description

This will be displayed on the Toggle shop only (on the homepage).

Experience long description

This will be displayed on the product main page on the Toggle shop.

Experience value

This is the value you make available for purchase on the Toggle shop.

Add experience sub-category

To make additional purchase options click the 'add experience sub-category' and include a description for the options available at their price points.

Number available

If you want to put a limit on the number of times this e-voucher can be purchased on the Toggle shop, set a limit here. This is really only useful/needed if you're doing a promotional campaign and want to avoid overselling - otherwise leave this blank.

Type of fulfilment available

When you start with Toggle, this is set to digital only, but if you want to sell physical gift cards online as well we'll need to help you with the designing and printing before we can add a physical purchase option. Experience vouchers are usually better left as being digital only and have physical gift cards as monetary only.

Product status

This can be set to 'active' or 'inactive'. Set it to active so the product url is accessible on the Toggle shop. Set the product to inactive if you want it to be totally inaccessible and stop any sales.

Webshop status

This can be set to 'public' or 'private' and these options are only available if the Product status is active. Set to public for the product to be visible on your Toggle shop and set to private if you don't want the product visible on your Toggle shop but would like it accessible through a direct url.

Cards should become active

This is set to 'immediately' by default and this is a standard option. But you can set a delayed activation for your digital voucher of up to a week if you wanted to.

Valid after

Similar to the above, you can choose to select a date in the future to make the gift card activated from. This might be useful for promotional campaigns or venue openings where you want to restrict when the voucher can be used from.

Expire card balance

You don't have to set an expiry date for your voucher but we recommend you do as you don't really want liability floating around for your accountants to wonder about! 12 months is a typical time frame. If you're based in Ireland or outside the UK please check your national laws/ regs for minimum expiry dates - e.g. in Ireland it's 5 years.

Send reminder email

If you set an expiry date then you can also set a reminder email to be sent to the customer to remind them to use their voucher before it expires (if they still have money left on the voucher to spend).


If you have questions or need help please get in touch with our support team at

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