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Outstanding active balance explained
Outstanding active balance explained

How is the total outstanding balance calculated in Toggle?

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If you want to know what the total outstanding balance of all your gift cards is, you'll find this number on the Toggle overview dashboard. Your book-keepers might also refer to this as your total gift card liability.

You'll also notice you can check what the total outstanding balance was on any given day in the past by hovering your mouse over the chart:

But what is this number and how is it calculated?

What this number means

This is the total value of gift cards that are currently "out in the wild" and which could be redeemed by your customers.

It includes all credits on gift cards and excludes all redemptions. Think of it like your bank balance at the end of the month if you summed all your income and outgoings.

It is calculated and cached daily, so is accurate up to midnight yesterday.

How to calculate this number yourself

If you would like to see a breakdown of how this number is calculated, you can do this yourself in a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

1 - Download the balance adjustments on your account from the data section of your dashboard. Select the date range of the full lifetime of your account with Toggle up until yesterday, as this number is calculated across the full lifetime of your account.

2 - Toggle splits very large exports into multiple CSV files, so you may need to manually import them one at a time in Excel to join them back together.

3 - This CSV shows every adjustment for every card, including reversals, credits, debits, expiry etc. Take a look at the data in Excel and you'll see a column for value.

4 - Sum the value column. The total of this column will match the total Outstanding Active Balance number on your overview dashboard screen.

Why does the outstanding balance not match the total sales number on the overview dashboard?

The Outstanding Balance number includes all redemptions, breakages and reversals whereas the Total Sales number does not.

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