Here's the steps to finding and downloading the Transactions CSV file:

  1. Click on Data on your Toggle sidebar

  2. Click on Transactions

  3. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range you want the transaction data to be pulled from

  4. Click the green download button when the CSV has downloaded

What information does the Transactions CSV contain?

This file contains information on the purchase transactions that have taken place. Transactions relate back to Orders, so this is useful to see how payment(s) were made to cover the cost of an order.

In most cases, there will be one transaction for each Order. But if you allow gift cards to be redeemed against orders, it's possible you will have more than one transaction linked to an order (e.g. a gift card partial payment and a credit/debit card partial payment).

What headers are on the Orders CSV file?

  • Type

  • Sales channel

  • Merchant

  • Transaction reference

  • Value

  • Order ID

  • Order Subtotal

  • Postage Value

  • Order status

  • Gift card number (if applicable)

What does each header mean?


This is the type of transaction. It will show as one of either: Credit/debit card (e.g. Stripe), Gift card or External (payment recorded outside of Toggle). N/A is shown where a transaction of zero exists (the rest being taken by other means e.g. a gift card).

Sales channel

This shows which channel the transaction took place on.


This shows which merchant created the transaction. e.g. Stripe, Trust Payments, Zonal, Tillo, Vita Mojo etc.

Transaction reference

The external transaction reference that the merchant created for this transaction.


The value of this transaction.

Order ID

The Order ID that this transaction relates to. N.B. You may see the same Order ID listed against multiple transactions if there were multiple payment sources (e.g. a gift card + credit/debit card)

Order Subtotal

The sub-total of the order.

Postage value

If applicable, the postage value of the associated order.

Order status

This shows the status of the related order e.g. completed, processing, cancelled or pending.

Gift card number

If this payment was taken as a redemption of a Toggle gift card, the associated gift card number that was used will be shown here.

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