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Issuing Toggle vouchers via your Feed It Back platform
Issuing Toggle vouchers via your Feed It Back platform

How to connect your Toggle and Feed It Back platforms.

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If you use Feed It Back you can issue out Toggle vouchers to your customers after they’ve left you some feedback or in response to a complaint.

Here's how to integrate Feed it Back with Toggle. Once you've done that, you can get started.

Configuring your vouchers on Feed It Back

In order to configure Feed It Back with Toggle integration you must have a Feed It Back user account with Admin access. If you require any help with gaining access, please contact your Feed It Back Client Services Manager.

  1. Log in to Feed It Back and go to Admin - General settings and Vouchers

2. Click on Add a Voucher

3. Enter a voucher name

4. Select whether the voucher is to be an incentive voucher (awarded to guests when completing a survey) or a case management voucher (provided in response to a guest complaint) from the purpose drop down list

5. In the provider drop down, select Toggle - Promotion

6. In the Product ID field enter the ID number provided by Toggle. Find this here.

7. In the Amount field enter the amount of the voucher.

8. Add a background to the voucher by uploading a new background file. Click the button and select your background image from your location file system

9. Add either the number of days, or a fixed expiration date.

10. Set the status to Active

11. Save the voucher

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