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Data: An overview on Toggle reports (and troubleshooting / FAQs)
Data: An overview on Toggle reports (and troubleshooting / FAQs)
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The "Data" section of your Toggle dashboard contains different reports (also referred to as 'exports') that are useful for looking at the raw data about your gift cards.

Whether it be sales or redemption data, marketing consent opt-ins, details of fulfillment addresses, and liability, our reports contain information useful for all departments including accounts, marketing and sales, and customer service.

How do I download a report?

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. Click on Data found on the sidebar

  3. Click on one of the sub-options (e.g. 'Balance Adjustments')

  4. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range to pull the data from*

  5. Click Add to queue

  6. Click the green download button when the export has completed its download

* This is based on the order creation date e.g. if you select January 1st 2022 - January 31st 2022 the data on the report will contain only the gift cards and products that were ordered within that date range.

The "Orders" report

The Orders report has a focus on the details of an order. This includes whether it was an online purchase or in-store, the details of the person who made the order, when they made the order and its value, and the status of the order.

More info on the Orders report here.

The "Order Line Items" report

The Order Line Items report focuses on the details of all orders made online and in-store including any orders containing multiple items within the same basket / transaction. The Order ID is useful for tracking all orders made, whilst the Line Item ID tracks all the items purchased within the same order.

This report also gives details on the way the order was fulfilled including the postal address used if the order was made online as a physical order which also, if applicable, contains the tracking reference used by Toggle's fulfillment service assuming the postal order had tracking available (e.g. Royal Mail next day delivery).

More info on the Order Line Items report here.

The "Liability" report

The Liability report keeps track of all the cards that have been purchased, but have not yet been redeemed or expired.

It's a snapshot report so you can run the report and see the status of outstanding balance at any given date.

More info on the Liability report here.

The "Discounts" report

The Discounts report tracks all orders that were purchased using a promo code or special offer promotion (whether it be a discount or value added offer) on your Toggle shop. (These sort of promotions are created on your dashboard on the 'Promotions' page either as a promo code or special offer).

It also tracks all vouchers issued free of charge (100% discounted) via your dashboard as well as any vouchers issued free of charge from integrated platforms with your Toggle account (if any) such as Airship or Feed It Back.

More info on the Discounts report here.

The "Cards" report

The Card report keeps track of all cards created (within the date range you've selected for download) either through purchases made in-store, via the webshop, or issued free of charge via your Toggle dashboard. This export shows information such as the sites they were sold, the current balance of the card, when they expire, and the registered recipients of cards.

If you have multiple sites set up on your Toggle account you can attribute card balances to certain sites based on where last redemption was. You can also see if any discount was applied to a card.

The product types that will show on this report are Gift Cards and Experiences. If you have Retail Products or Pay-it-Forward's set up, those orders won't appear on this report.

More info on the Cards report here.

The "Balance Adjustments" report

The Balance Adjustments report focuses on the historic adjustments of every gift card's balances over the period of time you choose for download, whether it's been redeemed, had breakage (expired and therefore reduced to £0), been reversed, or sold or topped up.

For example, if you pick your date range of January-March 2022 you'll see how any gift card during that time period has has its balance adjusted.

More info on the Balance Adjustments report here.

The "Emails" report

The Emails report contains all the names and email addresses of all customers who have purchased or been sent a gift card or product within the date range you've selected for download.

This report also states whether the purchaser or recipient has or has not opted in for marketing consent - this is indicated by the date and time they opted-in (if they did opt-in).

More info on the Emails report here.

The "Transactions" report

This file contains information on the purchase transactions that have taken place. Transactions relate back to Orders, so this is useful to see how payment(s) were made to cover the cost of an order.

In most cases, there will be one transaction for each Order. But if you allow gift cards to be redeemed against orders on your Toggle shop, it's possible you will have more than one transaction linked to an order (e.g. a gift card partial payment and a credit/debit card partial payment).

More info on the Transactions report here.

Troubleshooting common issues with data reports

I've downloaded a report but can't open the file?

Toggle archives the downloaded CSV using Zip, a compression method.

Before opening the downloaded file, you will need to unarchive it.

To unarchive a Zip file on Windows, read more here:

To unarchive a Zip file on Mac, double click the Zip file. Any files contained within the Zip will appear in the same folder (most likely your "Downloads" folder).

You can then open the CSV (not the Zip file) in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Why are there multiple files in my report?

Toggle splits the data export across multiple CSV files if there are more than 10,000 lines of data returned for the given date range. If you want to combine the CSVs you can do this with a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

My download is still showing as Pending?

You may need to refresh the page in your browser to see if it's ready to download or not. Depending on the amount of data that needs to be downloaded it could take a few hours, or if there's lots of traffic on the Toggle system your report might take longer to download (e.g. more Togglers are likely to be downloading reports on the last working day of the month).

My download says it failed?

Sometimes you'll see a red 'failed' label next to a download on your dashboard. This could either be due to there being too much data within the report date range you tried to download. We'd recommend you download your report in smaller chunks.

Another reason could be due to overall traffic on the Toggle system causing some reports to fail. We'd recommend you re-download the report. You can log out of Toggle whilst a report is downloading - it won't affect the download.

The figures don't add up across a date range?

Note that dates shown in downloads are in UTC format, so are not adjusted for your current timezone e.g. BST.

The card numbers look strange?

If you open a CSV file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, it can truncate the values. When a CSV file is opened in a spreadsheet program, it automatically converts it and alters the content so it can read the file.

To prevent this happening, you can use Excel's Import functionality to correctly import the data without automatic conversion.

In the data tab under Get External Data click From Text and select your CSV file. In the Wizard that appears, you can choose the data type for each column. Choose 'Text' for the card number.

Similar support guide:

If you require any help about Toggle reports please get in touch with our support team at

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