The Toggle export reports provide more detailed information on your orders and cards, you can find more information on each export by following the links within this article.

Order export

This is where you will find the details of each order made via your webshop, you can select the date range you’d like to see and then download your report to see something like the below.

This report can be useful to find the merchant transaction reference or to simply clarify the details of an order.


The discounts export will show you a list of all the FOC or discounted products over a time period. You will also be able to see any notes added to the FOC orders here which can be really helpful for your accounts department (make sure you’re adding these when you create your orders!)


This is the most in depth export, it will show you all of the details of any cards created within your selected time range.

Balance adjustments

Here you can see when cards have been redeemed, had their expiry date extended or sold within one of your venues. It will give you detailed information on where the card was redeemed, how much is left on the card and when the transaction took place.

Order Line Items

The order line items export will give you the full details of each order, including the fulfilment details and customer personal messages. This can be useful if a card needs to be resent for any reason. It will also show you if any of the orders have had a discount applied to them.


This export can be used to add your Toggle customers into your CRM, this data will be provided along with the contacts marketing consent (providing you have this option switched on for your shop).

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