Using Toggle on Tevalis EPOS

Redeem toggle gifts via your EPOS

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Getting started

You'll first need to connect your tills with Toggle. Here's how.

Using Toggle on Tevalis

Once this integration is complete you will be able to do the following:



Balance Check

The integration allows a user to query the balance of a gift voucher, which is then displayed to the user.

Create Voucher

The integration does support the creating of a voucher through the “Integrated Voucher Creation” function.

Redeem Voucher

The integration supports the redeeming of a voucher through the “Integrated Voucher” payment type

Cancel Redemption

The integration supports the cancelling of voucher redemptions

Top Up

The integration supports the topping up of an existing voucher.

To test the integration, simply create a card on your toggle account and redeem the voucher as follows:

  1. Select the payment type “integrated voucher” and enter the card number

2. If the redemption is successful, the value redeemed is returned from Toggle and recorded as a tender on the current transaction. If an error occurs, you will be shown the error (in which case you should raise this with your Tevalis contact).

Here is the full process:

Discount and tender support

Tevalis fully supports both cards issued for promotions and those purchased by your guests. Where a card contains a full or partial balance that was issued free of charge, the redemption will be treated as a discount on a guest's check (therefore handling VAT correctly).

Handheld Tablets

Toggle cards can also be redeemed on Tevalis hand held devices using the built-in QR code scanner. Simply the Scan button on the handheld device to trigger the camera:


To get started with this integration just get in touch with our customer success team on

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