Collecting customer phone numbers

Here's how to ask for customer's phone numbers during their webshop checkout journey!

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If you want to add the option of collecting your customer's phone numbers during the webshop checkout journey, you can set it up with just a few clicks.

Go to Settings > General

Click 'Yes' to the 'Request a contact telephone number on checkout?' prompt.

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How does it look on the webshop?

When a customer is entering their card and billing details on the webshop checkout page, they'll get an option to enter their phone number as well.

The phone number field is optional - so they don't have to enter their number.

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How do you find a customer's phone number?

If you need a customer's number, you can search their order on the Purchases section on your Toggle account using the name or email search filters. Once you're on the customers order page you'll see their phone number on the 'Contact number' field.

You can also edit a phone number by clicking on the blue edit icon.

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You can also find the customer's phone number on the Orders CSV file and the Order Line Items CSV file on the Data section.

Why would I need a customers phone number?

Collecting a phone number can be particularly useful if you're fulfilling lots of physical orders like gift cards or retail products. If there's any issue with an order you can get in touch with that customer quickly to resolve a problem.

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