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Connect Toggle with Acteol Atreemo
Connect Toggle with Acteol Atreemo

How to get your customer, purchaser and card holder data flowing into Atreemo.

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Getting started

  1. Get in touch with your Toggle Customer Success Manager and loop us in with your Acteol account manager, and;

    1. In writing in the email, give us permission to allow Toggle to share customer data with Acteol.

    2. State whether or not you'd like Acteol to send emails instead of Toggle (this being the receipt emails, digital gift emails, expiry reminder emails, and dispatch emails).

What data can be sent from Toggle into Acteol?

Using Toggle's webhooks we can send the following information from Toggle into your Atreemo account.


This event is dispatched when an order in Toggle is created.


This event dispatched when a fulfilment order is marked as dispatched.


This event is dispatched when a card balance changes, for example during initial top-up/creation, redemption or reversal. We include the latest balance adjustment change in this payload.


This event is dispatched when a card is registered.


This event dispatched when an expiring balance reminder occurs.


This event is dispatched whenever an order receipt email is sent.


This event is dispatched whenever a card recipient email is sent.


This event is dispatched whenever a card recipient email is resent.


This event is dispatched when an order in Toggle is cancelled. Orders are marked as cancelled when all line_items within the order are reversed.


This event is dispatched whenever an order cancellation email should be sent.

More information on what this means can be found on our Toggle developer's page.

Can I integrate with Atreemo but continue to have the gift email, receipt email, reminder email, and dispatch email sent via Toggle?

Yep, you can choose to have these emails sent via Toggle as normal and just pull in the other data listed above. Let your Acteol Account Manager know if you do or don't want them to send these emails so they can make the necessary configuration on their side.

If you do want to switch off the emails sent via Toggle because you now want them sent via Atreemo then you'll need to turn off those emails on your Toggle dashboard to avoid customers getting 2 duplicate emails - one from Atreemo and another from Toggle! Here's how to do that.

Can I create promotional gift cards in Toggle and use them for campaigns in Atreemo?

Yep! Let us know if this is something you'd like to do and we'll help you set this up.

Can I import my historic Toggle data into Atreemo?

We can't "re-fire" webhooks for events that happened in the past, so you'd have to download the reports found on the Data section of your Toggle dashboard. Ask us for help on this if needed, and also ask your Acteol account manager for any help needed to import that data into Atreemo.

Any questions or help needed with setting this up get in touch with our support team at

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