Adding sites to your Toggle account is essential for selling and redeeming gift cards. Here’s why it's so important.

Adding, editing and deleting sites is simple:

Go to the sites settings tab on your Toggle dashboard.

Select the add site button and enter your site name and a site reference that makes sense to you and your organisation.

Select the blue edit icon to make changes to your site name and reference.

Select the red delete icon to remove a site from your Toggle account.

Your sites will then pull through to the integrations tab.

Here you will see all the partners you can link up with - we have friends in CRM, EPOS, E-commerce, Ordering, Feedback & Customer Service, Rewards and B2B.

Note that the site references in this tab are different from the sites settings tab, and in MOST cases are given to us by your EPOS provider.

Once your API is in place, going forward it is very easy to add new venues. Just ask your EPOS Account Manager (e.g. Zonal) what the new site references is, and add it in.

If you're stuck on this or have questions about the set up please contact our support team -

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