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Protect against bots with a reCAPTCHA challenge
Protect against bots with a reCAPTCHA challenge

Are you getting automated order attempts and have already implemented Stripe Radar? You could also enable a bot challenge as a last resort.

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If you're using Stripe, Toggle has built-in support for enabling a robot challenge, to stop automated order attempts.

Here's how to get set up.

Google reCAPTCHA configuration details

Firstly, there are a few details you need to create and copy and paste from Google' reCAPTCHA service.

1 - Head over to the Google reCAPTCHA admin panel and log in with a Google account (you'll need to have a Google/Gmail username created already).

2 - Register your Toggle web shop as a new site like this (use your Toggle shop domain) for reCAPTCHA v3.

3 - Click Submit to register the site.

4 - Copy the Site Key and Secret Key and keep them somewhere safe (you'll need them in a moment). You can then click to go to the Analytics page.

Markup 2021-10-19 at 13.25.40.png

5 - Now go and repeat the process to create another site, this time selecting the reCAPTCHA v2 type.

Markup 2021-10-19 at 13.29.30.png

6 - Again, copy down the Site Key and Secret Key (you'll need these details for both the v2 and v3 types in a moment)

You're now ready to head back to the Toggle dashboard.

Configuring reCAPTCHA in the Toggle dashboard

1 - Head to the Settings > General page in Toggle.

2 - Click to enable reCAPTCHA. Some additional fields will show where you now need to paste in the site and secret keys from Google. Make sure you get the right ones in the right fields.

3 - The trigger threshold will default to 50%. You can leave this for time being, but if you continue to get bots making orders, you can increase this to make the trigger for showing the captcha challenge more sensitive.

4 - Now click Save to save the changes.

Voila! reCAPTCHA will now start attempting to detect when a purchaser looks like a bot and start showing the challenge.

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