If you need to give a customer a physical card that is going to be posted to them or handed to them, you can create a free of charge card as normal in the dashboard and activate the card with its unique code all via your dashboard.

**Please note that if you're already using Toggle for online fulfilment, you might not have access to the Postage settings - please let us know so we can do the Step 1 set up for you**

Step 1: The initial set up (🏗️⚒️)

This step needs to only be done once, after this you can go straight to step 2 for future card activation!

Create a postage category for internal fulfillment.

On your Toggle dashboard:

a. On the sidebar click on Settings > Postage Categories

b. Click 'Add postage category'

c. For Category Name put something like "Free postage (internal fulfillment)"

d. For Service put "Other"

e. For Tracked? put "No"

f. Click 'Add'

Create a postage option for internal fulfillment.

Now, on your Toggle dashboard:

a. On the sidebar click on Settings > Postage Options

b. Click 'Add postage option'

c. For Postage Category put something like "Free postage"

d. For Fulfilment provider click "Dashboard"

e. For Internal reference for this rate put something like "Internal fulfillment"

f. For Price put "£0.00"

g. For Max product quantity and value this can be left blank

h. For Set postage option live? press "Yes"

i. Click 'Add'

Create a private or inactive gift card.

Now, on your Toggle dashboard:

a. On the sidebar click on "Shop", click "Add" and select "Gift Card"

b. Name the gift card something like "Brand name physical gift card (internal fulfillment)"

c. Add the key details such as value(s) available for that card and the expiry rules (product descriptions aren't important since it won't be publicly available for the Toggle shop)

d. For Product status click either 'Private' or 'Inactive'

e. For Type of fulfillment available click "Physical"

f. For Postage Types click your newly created Internal fulfillment postage option at £0.00 only

g. Press 'Save'

Step 2: Activating your physical card (💳💫)

This step just needs you to create an order for a physical card that you can use to activate with the unique code that's showing on the physical card you have with you.

Create a free of charge physical card.

On your Toggle dashboard:

a. On the sidebar click on Purchases > Orders > Create new

b. Select your "Brand name physical gift card (internal fulfillment)" on the drop down (or whatever name you gave your internal physical gift card)

c. For 'Select card value/option' pick the balance you want loaded onto the card

d. If you're wanting to activate lots of gift cards, pick the number on the 'How many of them?' prompt (Note: you can only select up to 50 cards to create at a time. The same value you pick will be applied to all those gift cards).

e. For 'How do you want to send it?' click Postal

f. For 'Personal message (optional)' leave this blank

g. For 'Add a note or reference' you could add a note here stating why you're activating a free gift card (e.g. "Physical card for customer X who won competition at Venue A on August 12th" - this will appear on your reports).

h. Click 'Add delivery'

i. For Enter postcode put in the customers post code and address OR just put in your head office address

j. For Postage options just select your 'internal fulfillment' postage option

k. Press Create Order

Enter the unique code to the order.

On your Toggle dashboard:

a. On the sidebar go to Purchases > Orders and click on the order you’ve just created (it'll show up with a blue 'pending' label on the Status column).

b. Click on the small blue edit icon and enter the 19 digit unique code that shows up on the physical card you have (or if you have a magstripe reader connected to your laptop, swipe the magstripe). Don't include spaces in the number when entering it.

c. Press the (now) small green tick to confirm the unique code

d. Press the blue 'Mark as dispatched' button to fully activate the gift card

e. Now just hand the card to the customer or post it to them

If you need help or have questions about this guide please get in touch with our support team at success@usetoggle.com.

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