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How to connect PayPal with Toggle
How to connect PayPal with Toggle
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Toggle fully supports PayPal to allow you to quickly take payments for online purchases made on your Toggle shop.

Your customers will have the option of either paying using their PayPal account, or by simply entering their credit/debit card details, which will be processed directly into your PayPal business account.

1. Getting started

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. From the sidebar, click on Settings > Payment Settings

  3. Click the blue button saying "Connect with PayPal"

Tick the "I give consent..." box and then click the green "Link PayPal account" button.

You'll be taken through to PayPal where you can either login to your existing PayPal account, or create one:

Once all complete, your Toggle Payment Setting's page will show up in green saying 'Connected with PayPal'.

Note that if you are creating a new PayPal account, you may see a 'pending' status until you have completed the registration and KYC process with PayPal.

2. Advanced settings

If you click onto the green "Connected with PayPal" button on Settings > Payment Settings you can do a bit more configuration.

Configure your PayPal button.

You can customise the button colour, shape and height, which will be seen on the payment checkout page on your Toggle shop.

Configure card payments.

By default, if advanced card payments (namely, the ability to allow your customers to simply enter their debit/credit card) are available in your PayPal business account, we will turn this option on.

If for some reason you only want to allow payments by PayPal, you can turn this off.

Configure your 3D secure settings.

You will also see the option to turn off 3D secure. We strongly recommend you leave this on.

What will your customers see when checking out?

Your customers will be able to proceed to make payment on your Toggle shop and have the option of either paying with their PayPal account, or entering the debit/credit card details:

If choosing PayPal, your customer will be prompted to login:

And voila! They will be able to use their PayPal account to quickly pay for their order.

Any help or questions please get in touch on

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