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How to create an API on Toggle
How to create an API on Toggle

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Please note you need to be a "Store Owner" user to create an API on Toggle.


How to create an API on Toggle:

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar, click Settings > Integrations

  3. Click the relevant tile/ integration partner you want to create the API for

  4. Click the blue Create new user button

  5. Now copy the API username and password into a separate document*

  6. Tick the "I’ve taken a note of this password..." prompt

  7. Click the blue Create button

* This is important because once you've created the API (on step 7) you can't retrieve the password again (it's hidden) and it's good to have a copy of the details!

Short video tutorial

To get more details about the specific integration partner you're doing an API for please find the support guide for them here.

Adding in the site names and site references on Toggle

  1. As part of this set up, you'll need to also add your sites on the Settings > Site settings page (more info here).

  2. If the integration partner has site IDs/references you'll need to add them to the Integrations page as well. Ask your integration partner Account Manager for the IDs.

Can I do a bespoke integration for a platform you don't currently integrate with?

Let us know what platform you'd like to integrate with just in case we are already working on an integration with them for Toggle or to help bring about discussions with them to do so.

Otherwise, you can do a bespoke integration with them using Toggle's webhooks.

On the integrations page you can create an API on the "Other" tile near the bottom of the page.

If you have questions or need any help with this please contact us on

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