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Head to Customise > Colour to start tweaking the colours of your webshop.

Page colour

The page colour of your webshop (the bit that sits behind your content) can be tweaked here.

When clicking onto the Page Colour bar you'll have a pallet show up where you can pick your colour using the slide bar or from the main pallet.

The chequered slide bar allows you to create a coloured gradient for your chosen colour which gives more (or less) tones to your webshop.

If you know the exact colour code you want then you can simply paste it into the colour code field.

Background image

Or if you would prefer to use a background image as the backdrop to your webshop, you can upload one here. File sizes should be under 2MB.

You can choose to upload a large image to fill the screen (try around 1920px x 1080px) or upload a smaller image or texture and "tile" it:

You can also choose to fix your background so that it doesn't stretch the image to fit the screen, it will just scroll down with you.

If you would like your background image to fill the whole webshop page, including the bar at the top where your logo sits, then slide the gradient tool on the Page Colour bar to the left.

Remember, on mobile devices, your customers won’t see a whole lot of the background image, so this will mainly make your site look great for desktop and tablet visitors.

Button colour

Button colours are quite straight forward; just tweak the colour here for the background colour of your buttons. One point to note is that the text colour of buttons is always white, so make sure you choose a colour that makes them readable.

The colour you choose here will also be used for any ‘call to action’ buttons on your emails.

Text colour

The text colour section controls the colour that is used in the main body copy of the webshop. It will sit on a white background, so again just make sure you choose something that makes it readable.

Shop description text colour

Finally, you can change the colour that is used for the introductory text that displays on your webshop.

We also use this colour for the footer links (a space for your terms and conditions and privacy policy) and in the footer text on your emails.

Email footer text colour

You can also change the colour of the text on your email footers. To see how this looks, you can preview your emails.

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