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Feed It Back: How to connect with Toggle
Feed It Back: How to connect with Toggle

Using Feed it Back? Here's how to connect.

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Please note that the Toggle set up for this integration is primarily dealing with the back-end configuration of your feedback voucher, whereas the designing and wording (the fun stuff!) for the voucher that the customer sees is done on Feed It Back. πŸ‘

To help give more context where the info you generate on the below steps relates to on Feed It Back, see our guide here on how to issue Toggle vouchers up on their system.

Step 1: Create a "Feedback" gift card product on Toggle

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. Go to Shop > Create New > Gift Card

  3. Fill out the details

  4. Mark the product as private

  5. Save

Some further notes -

The main details to fill out are: the product name, expiry date rule, and the value option(s) you want your feedback vouchers to have. Descriptions won't be pulled through to Feed It Back, and because the gift card is private on Toggle, customers won't see it to read it.

Product name:

The product name doesn't pull through to Feed It Back, so making the name on Toggle something easily reconisable on your Toggle reports is ideal. Depending on the types of feedback vouchers you want to issue, we recommend you call the gift card something like:

- "Feedback voucher" or "Feed It Back voucher", or

- "Feedback - Goodwill voucher" for vouchers issued as a goodwill gesture, or

- "Feedback - survey response voucher" for vouchers issued from a survey response, etc

The name of the voucher your customers will see is done on the Feed It Back system. A typical feedback voucher name you'd make on there would be something like "Thanks for your feedback!" or "We're sorry!".

You can create one gift voucher product on Toggle for Feed It Back with multiple monetary values, or create different gift vouchers with different names and respective values you want available to issue customers via Feed It Back.

Expiry date:

Just ensure the expiry date you set for the gift card on Toggle matches to what you set it on the Feed It Back system.

Once you've saved the gift card, click back onto it (where you filled the details in) and at the bottom of the page you'll see the Product ID - make a note of this as you'll need it for Step 3.

Step 2: Create an API on Toggle

If needed here's more info on how to create the API.

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Integrations > Feed It Back

  3. Click create new user

  4. Copy the username and password onto a separate document and press create

  5. Add a site reference for each site (any number or reference is fine)

(Please note only 'Store Owner' users can create an API - if you can't create the API please ask your accounts Store Owner to help you).

When you're creating the API, remember to copy and paste the username and password into a separate document on your computer because once you've saved it, you can't retrieve the password again.

Step 3: Collate the info together and send it to Feed It Back

You'll need to send the API, product ID(s), and your Toggle account number to your Feed It Back Account Manager so they can configure the two accounts on their side.

We've made the below table that you can copy and paste into the email you'll send to Feed It Back with the details you created.

API endpoint:


(add the username you create here)


(add the password you create here)

Merchant ref:


Product ID(s):

(add the product ID(s) here)

Account ID:

(ask Toggle for this ID!)

The API endpoint is always and the merchant ref 22 - don't change this.

Please get in touch with to get your account ID.

What's next?

Ask your Feed It Back Account Manager for help with creating the gift voucher designs and wording on the Feed It Back system.

Or, take a look at our guide here for Issuing Toggle vouchers via your Feed It Back platform.

If you require any help about the Feed It Back integration please get in touch with our support team at

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