Note, there may be fees incurred from Quadranet to enable / support this integration.

Getting Started

In order to switch the Quadranet x Toggle integration on, first you'll need to;

  • Contact your Quadranet account manager, and inform them you want to enable the integration

  • Map the Quadranet venue GUIDs within Toggle

  • Create an API username and password in Toggle (you'll need to provide these details to Quadranet)

  • Get your Toggle Account ID (you'll need to provide this to Quadranet)

Contact your Quadranet account manager, and inform them you want to enable the integration.

Quadranet will take you through the setup process from their side and discuss how the integration works on the POS. Once you have everything agreed with Quadranet, they will let us know that we're ready for a switch on.

Map the Quadranet venue IDs in Toggle

Each site you have setup in Quadranet should have a unique ID associated, Quadranet will provide you a list of these IDs on request which will need to be mapped in Toggle (this helps us identify which site the voucher was redeemed against for reporting).

Site IDs can be added in Toggle via the menu, by going to Settings > Integrations > Quadranet tile . In here, you can goto the Site Mapping section, which will allow you to add a Quadranet reference against each venue you have configured.

If you have any issues with this step, please get in touch with your Toggle Customer Success contact who will help guide you through.

Create an API user in Toggle

You will need to generate an API username and Password in Toggle, that will be setup in Quadranet. You can follow these steps to generate an API user.

Get your Toggle Account ID

You'll need to ask your Toggle Customer Success team member for your account ID.

Getting Activated

Once you have all the required steps in place;

  • Confirmation of switch on from Toggle and Quadranet

  • Account ID from Toggle

  • API user from Toggle

  • Quadranet Site IDs mapped in Toggle

You will need to talk to your Quadranet contact to get the POS configured for Toggle gift cards

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