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How to connect Lightspeed with Toggle
How to connect Lightspeed with Toggle
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New Lightspeed and Toggle integration user?

As with any integration, we recommend you plan and allow time to set this up, for Lightspeed to do their bit, and to test and familiarise yourself with the integration. This process may seem a little daunting and 'techy', but make sure you allow yourself time to work through it.

Do you have an existing Lightspeed / Toggle integration and you're looking to upgrade?

If you're an existing Lightspeed and Toggle user, and you're looking to upgrade the integration to add the ability to sell cards, make sure you plan for some downtime while you upgrade the integration, allow Lightspeed time to do their bit, and run end-to-end tests. Do not attempt this during trading hours without prior planning that the integration will not be operational for a period of time.

Step 1: Add your site(s) on Toggle

If needed here's more info on how to add sites (video included).

The sites you'll be redeeming gift cards at need adding to Toggle. This step might already be done, but it's worth checking.

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Site Settings

  3. Add the site name, its address, and any number or reference for it

  4. Click add

  5. Repeat this step for however many sites you need to add

Step 2: Create API and Webhook credentials on Toggle

Note: Only Store Owner users can create the API on Step 2.

If needed here's more info on how to create API credentials (video included).

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Integrations > Lightspeed

  3. Click create new user

  4. Copy the username and password onto a separate document then press Create

  5. Do the same as above, except this time you're, copying the webhook username and password.

  6. Add site mappings for each unit. Match up Lightspeed business location IDs with Toggle sites.

Once you click create you can't retrieve the API password again so that's why we recommend saving it in a separate document.

Step 3: Log in to Lightspeed (K series) manager

1. Go to Lightspeed dashboard > Menu Management > Items and click the 'Create' button in the top right corner and click 'Single item'

2. Create an item named 'Toggle Gift Card', then click 'Change Price Type' and select 'Manually-entered price'. Click 'Enter custom SKU' and enter:


Click Confirm and Save.

3. Go back to Items and click on 'Toggle Gift Card' (the one you've just made). The URL of that page now contains a 15-digit number after '...items/

Copy this number and paste it into a separate document.

4. Go to Configuration > Settings > Web Extension. Click 'Add new web extension'. Complete the set up as following:

  • Name: [Anything you like!]

  • URL: Copy and paste the below URL, and then add the 15 digit number you have already copied in point 3 to the end, after the '='
  • Tick the box 'Provide a JavaScript context to the loaded page'

  • In the authentication section, add the username and password for the API user that you've previously generated in step 2, point 4. (Ensure it's the API username and password, not the webhook username and password).

Click Save.

5. Next you need to add the Toggle button to your menu so your servers can see it. Head to Menu, and select where in your menu you want the button to show. When you've chosen this, click 'Add button' > 'Web extension'. Select your Toggle Gift Card web extension.

That's everything you need to do on the Toggle and Lightspeed dashboards, but there is one more step Lightspeed will have to complete.

6. Finally, to set up your webhooks, you will need to contact Lightspeed support at asking them to set up 'Real Time Notifications' with the following details:

Partners Data

Name of the integration

Toggle x K-Series


Customers Data


Business ID

Business Location(s)

All locations (unless you want to restrict usage of Toggle to certain location. If this is the case, only send location IDs that are relevant)

Name of the Account

Business Name




Condition (pls specify which one is required)

this.notificationType=='CLOSE' ||

Authentication (optional)

User name

WEBHOOK USERNAME (we recommend sending this securely rather than in the body of the email)


WEBHOOK PASSWORD (we recommend sending this securely rather than in the body of the email)

Wait until you have received confirmation that Lightspeed have set up, then we recommend you run a full end-to-end test of selling and redeeming gift cards. Ensure this is working as you'd expect on both Lightspeed and Toggle.

Integration Costs

If you have questions or need help get in touch at

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