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Note: you can only select and save payment method logos if you're a Store Owner user on your Toggle account.

What are payment method logos?

When you're shopping online and you're at the checkout page, often you'll see the logos of accepted payment services you can use to pay for your items.

Having these logos displayed lets the customer know if their preferred payment method is available to use on that shop.

How do I add the payment method logos to my shop?

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. Go to Settings > Payment settings

  3. Tick the relevant boxes

  4. Press save

Once ticked and saved, they'll appear at the footer of your shop page. This means they will be visible on the homepage of your shop, on each product a customer clicks on, and throughout the checkout journey.

What payment methods should I tick?

The payment methods available to use on your shop is determined by what your payment gateway connected to your Toggle account accepts. You will need to check their website to find out. (E.g. Google "what payment methods does Stripe use" if you use Stripe).

If you're not sure what payment gateway you're using on Toggle, a quick way to find out is by going to Settings > Payment settings and seeing which of them is highlighted in green.

If you use Stripe, Toggle supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. This is not available for other payment gateways at the time of writing.

Can I add a payment method that's not listed on the Toggle dashboard?

If there's a payment method that we don’t have listed and you would like the logo adding as an option for your shop, get in touch with us on success@usetoggle.com and we can add it in for you.

Other things to note...

The order, size, and style of the logos cannot be changed.

If you require any further help about the Payment Methods section please get in touch with our support team at success@usetoggle.com

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