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Using 3S POS with Toggle

Ready to start using Toggle on 3S POS? Let us walk you through the 3S POS interface…

Written by Greta Sidaraite
Updated over a week ago

Getting started

When the Toggle Gift Card module is configured, you’ll see additional buttons on the Pay screen.

2 buttons will be added to the sidebar of the Till Screen accessible by all POS Operators:

  • Toggle Gift Card Sale

  • Toggle Gift Card Reversal

Selling a Gift Card

  1. Click on Toggle Gift Card Sale on the sidebar

  2. Choose what type of card (Physical or Digital) you want to sell. If you are selling a digital card, entering an email address is optional.

  3. Enter the value of the card that you wish to top up the card by.

  4. Press OK.

  5. Gift Card receipts will be printed in both Physical and Digital gift card sales.

  6. If an email address is provided, the below email will be sent.

Redeem a Gift Card

Redeeming a gift card is used when you want to apply a gift card to a basket.

  1. On Redemption screen, select Toggle payment type

  2. You can either scan gift card or enter the code manually.

Reversing a payment

  1. Click on the Toggle Gift Card Reversal button on a sidebar (Note that you can only reverse a gift card sale and not the redemption).

  2. Enter the card details to check its validity, expiry date and whether it has balance.

  3. Gift card reversal receipt will be printed.

  4. If the card has already been refunded, the error message will pop up as per below.

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