Fulfilment explained

When a customer orders a physical card, the order goes into a queue. Someone now needs to deal with those incoming orders, see what gifts the customer ordered, whether they specified any personal message, and post those cards out to their intended recipients.

Luckily, Toggle has a simple inbuilt order fulfilment dashboard to help you on your way…

Viewing your orders

New orders will show up with a badge next to the Purchases option in the dashboard menu.

Click on the Orders option to view all your orders.

Most recent orders show at the top of the list and will be marked as “Pending” so you know you have actions to take.

Click on an order to view the details and get fulfilling

Order details & fulfilment

The order details screen shows you all you need to know about this customer’s order. You’ll see a summary at the top of the page that shows you who the customer is, the total value of the order and how many gifts they purchased as part of this order.

Further down the screen, you’ll see the items that this customer purchased. If they purchased multiple gifts, each will be shown, one after the other. Orders for physical cards that have not yet been dispatched will show as pending.

Fulfilling orders for paper vouchers

If you are using your own paper vouchers for your physical card orders (separate from our physical cards or on-demand service), transpose the card number and PIN into your paper voucher for each order item, add a tracking number (if applicable), and click to mark each card as dispatched.

Fulfilling orders for magnetic stripe cards

Alternatively, if you are using magnetic stripe cards, you can fulfil orders using a USB Card Swipe reader (or do it without one)...

Fulfilling orders with a swipe card reader

Make sure your USB Card Swipe reader is attached to your computer. 

You can now click the Swipe Card button. Once you’ve clicked it, pick up a card and swipe it through the reader. You’ll see the card number appear next to the order. Congratulations - you’ve now attached a real card to this order!

Fulfilling orders without a swipe card reader

If you don't have a swipe card reader, you can still fulfil an order. You just need to type in the card number manually. You can do this using the edit icon next to the pending card number field:

Once you've typed in your card number, press the green tick to save the number.

If you mistype the number, Toggle will warn you that the card number you've typed is invalid as we will have a list of your unused card numbers to cross-reference against.

Tracking numbers

If you marked your postage option as trackable, you'll also be given the opportunity to add a tracking number to the order.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to click on Mark as dispatched to confirm this order item has now been fulfilled.

If the customer ordered multiple cards, you’ll need to repeat this for each card.

Personal messages

The personal message that a customer wrote will be shown next to each card. You’ll need to transpose this into the presentation pack for your Gift Card, either by hand or by using a label printer if you have one.

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