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Finding the details of a specific card
Finding the details of a specific card

Find a specific purchase to check its history, balance and current status

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Product summary

You might need to search for a customer purchase to check its history, balance and current status. A good example for this is to see if a card has expired if the customer has questioned it. 

To do this, go to Purchases and then click on Cards. Using the search filters for ease, find the card you're looking for. Now click onto the card. 

The top of this page shows a summary of the card, including the initial balance of the card when it was created, its current balance, who bought it, who it was delivered to and when it was purchased. It also shows the unique code assigned to this gift card.

Transaction audit trail

The audit trail for this gift cards transaction history is shown in detail.

This is a bit like a bank statement. It shows how the balance of the card has been adjusted over time. Types of transactions you might see on this page include:

  • Sale (a card has been sold to a customer, adding a value to its balance)

  • Redemption (a card has been used to pay for goods or services, reducing its balance)

  • Breakage (a card has expired)

  • Reversal (a previous transaction has been reversed, nullifying its effects on the card balance)

  • Outbound Balance Transfer (a card balance has been transferred to another card)

  • Inbound Balance Transfer (a card balance has been transferred to this card)

Managing a card

There are also various actions you can take on a card. The functions are shown at the top of the card details screen.

Send a digital copy

This allows you to send a copy of this card to any email address (even if it was originally issued as a physical card).

Send physical replacement

This allows you to issue a new copy of this physical card. This is useful for when a customer loses a card or it goes missing in the post and you need to send another copy. 

Adjust card balance

If you need to manually adjust the balance of a card, this allows you to credit or debit the card. 

View order details

This will take you to the order that originally created this gift card.

Change Expiry

You can easily change the expiry of any active gift card: by number of days; to a specific date, or remove the expiry completely.

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