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Comtrex: Connecting your tills with Toggle
Comtrex: Connecting your tills with Toggle
A guide on how to integrate your Comtrex tills with Toggle.
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The Toggle set up (Steps 1-5)

Step 1: Add your site(s) on Toggle

The sites you'll be redeeming gift cards at need adding to Toggle. This step might already be done, but it's worth checking.

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Site Settings

  3. Add the site name, its address, and any number or reference for it

  4. Click add

  5. Repeat this step for however many sites you need to add

Step 2: Create an API on Toggle

If needed here's more info on how to create the API.

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Integrations > Comtrex

  3. Click create new user

  4. Copy the username and password onto a separate document and press create

(Please note only 'Store Owner' users can create an API - if you can't create the API please ask your accounts Store Owner to help you).

When you're creating the API, remember to copy and paste the username and password into a separate document on your computer because once you've saved it, you can't retrieve the password again.

Step 3: Send the API to your Comtrex Account Manager

You'll need to send the API username and password you created on Step 2 along with the info below to your Comtrex Account Manager.

We've made the below table that you can copy and paste into the email you'll send to Comtrex, if that makes it easier. To ensure data is protected, we advise you send the below info in a password protected email.

API endpoint:


(add the username you create here)


(add the password you create here)

Merchant ref:


Card range:


Card length:


Step 4: Ask your Comtrex Account Manager for the "site IDs" for your sites

Once you have the IDs from Comtrex:

  1. Log in to Toggle

  2. On the sidebar click Settings > Integrations > Comtrex

  3. Paste in each ID to their respective site

  4. Save

The site IDs allow the Comtrex and Toggle system to know where a gift card was sold or redeemed at - this information will pull through to your Toggle reports. Without these, the integration won't work.

Step 5: Test the integration works

Once Comtrex have configured the Toggle API on their side, it's good practice to test if Toggle gift cards work on your tills. We recommend issuing yourself a free of charge digital voucher that you can send to your email. Using the voucher number, key it or scan it into your tills and see if it recognises the voucher. Try redeeming some if it and reversing it.

Other people on your team may benefit from seeing how it works.

If an error is flagged on the till, get in touch with Toggle and Comtrex so we can help troubleshoot it.

Our other guide Using Toggle on Comtrex POS may also be useful.

If you're stuck on this or have questions about the Comtrex set up please contact our support team -

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