Why connect with Comtrex?

Connecting with Comtrex allows you to redeem Toggle gift cards on site through your existing Comtrex POS system. A customer can present a gift card and your staff can swipe it through or key in the 19 digit number to redeem it (partial or full).

Additionally, if a customer wants to buy a gift card while they are on site, you can sell a Toggle gift card through your Comtrex POS.

Set-up overview

  1. Configure Toggle: you’ll need to map Comtrex’s unique identifier for a site/location (known as a site ID) to Toggle site IDs in your dashboard in the ‘account’ section.

  2. Connect Comtrex: let our support team know you’re ready to go and we’ll provide Comtrex with API login credentials.

  3. Configure Comtrex and go-live: Comtrex will configure each of your sites with the Toggle module.

Configure Toggle

You need to make sure you configure your sites in Toggle with the correct Comtrex site IDs. This means Toggle can identify which site a sale or redemption originated from.

Read more on how to do this here >

Your Comtrex Account Manager will need to supply you with your list of site IDs if you haven’t yet got these.

If you add any more sites in the future, you’ll need to get an ID from Comtrex and set in Toggle in the same way.

Connect Comtrex

Once you’ve configured your sites in Toggle, it’s time to get the two platforms connected. Email us at support@usetoggle.com and we’ll supply the login credentials to Comtrex.

Configure Comtrex and go-live

Comtrex will let you know when the Toggle module is available for use (ask your Comtrex Account Manager to confirm a timescale as this can vary depending on your particular set-up). Once ready, we recommend running some simple tests with your staff so that everyone knows how it works:

  1. Buy a gift card on your shop

  2. Redeem it on the till

  3. Buy a gift card on the till

  4. Redeem it on the till

Toggle’s support team and your Comtrex Account Manager will be on hand to help you get up and running.

How to use the Comtrex POS gift card interface

Looking for some further information on how to actually use the Toggle interface? We’ve got you covered. Head over to this in depth article on how to use the Comtrex POS interface.

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