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Collecting marketing consent on Toggle
Collecting marketing consent on Toggle
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1. Create a marketing consent opt-in

  1. Log into Toggle

  2. Click on Customise > Legal Stuff

  3. Add your marketing consent in the "Marketing consent copy" box

  4. Click Save

Make sure the wording covers how you intend to use the customer data and don’t forget to also set a link to your Privacy Policy on the same page.

2. How your customers can give consent

There's two touch-points for giving marketing consent.

For Purchasers:

The person who is purchasing a gift card on your Toggle shop will see the opt-in during the checkout journey, like in the example below:

For Recipients:

The person who receives a gift card will have a prompt on the digital voucher (see example below) or a reference on their physical gift card to register the gift card to their email address so that they have a back-up digital copy (in case they lose the original one).

When they follow that link or go directly to your 'Register card' page on your Toggle shop they'll have the choice to opt-in for marketing consent, as seen in the below example:

2. Finding and using your opt-ins for marketing

To find who's opted in for marketing consent, download the Emails report on the Data section. Find out more here.

Once you have identified the opt-ins you can either manually copy across the data to your CRM or add them to your mailing lists every so often.

Or, you can get connected with Toggle's other half, Airship CRM to automate the data flow. Find out more here.

We also integrate with other CRM platforms, or alternatively you can use our webhooks to transfer Toggle data to your own database.

3. Further reading

Make sure you’re up to speed with GDPR. We always recommend that your marketing consent wording is given a once-over by your legal team if you have this.

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