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Collecting marketing consent on Toggle
Collecting marketing consent on Toggle

Want to grow your marketing database? Toggle can collect marketing consent from your purchasers and gift card recipients.

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Turning on marketing consent

  1. To start requesting marketing consent, log in to your Toggle dashboard and visit the Customise screen.

  2. Select the Legal stuff tab.

  3. Add a link to your Privacy Policy

  4. Add the copy you want customers to consent to when the opt-in

  5. Click Save

How your customers can give consent

For your customers, there are two interaction points where they will be asked if they want to opt-in.


When marketing consent is turned on in Toggle, purchasers will see a message asking them as part of their checkout journey.


Recipients of gift cards can register cards to their email address so that they will never lose their card. They can do this on the Toggle webshop. Customers choosing to register a card to themselves will also be asked if they would like to opt-in.

Using your customer data for marketing

You will be able to access your consented customer data in the Toggle dashboard where you can download it and use it for further marketing/processing.

If you change the wording of your consent copy, we keep a record of the old version so that you always have a record of what a particular customer gave consent to.

Further reading

Make sure you’re up to speed with GDPR. We always recommend that your marketing consent wording is given a once-over by your legal people.

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