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How your customers can register a gift card they’ve received
How your customers can register a gift card they’ve received

Customers can register a card they’ve received to their email address.

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Why register a card?

There are a few reasons you may want to encourage customers to register a card:

  1. For those who have received a physical card, if they register it, they’ll be sent a digital copy, so they’ve always got a back-up in their inbox in case they lose it.

  2. For recipients of physical or digital cards, if a customer registers the card against their name and email address, if they ever lose their card, they’ll be able to give their name to you and you’ll be able to find their details.

  3. They can check their remaining balance on the card and also when it expires

And for you, the shop owner:

  1. Registering a card gives you the opportunity to ask if the recipient of the card would like to opt-in for any further communications.

Registering a card

  1. To register a card, a customer firstly visits []/register or clicks on Register card on your web shop.

  2. The customer will be presented with a screen where they can enter:

  • Their gift card unique 19 digit code

  • Their gift card PIN number (shown in the email or printed on physical cards)

  • Their name and email

  • Whether they would like to opt-in for any further communications

3. The customer will be sent a copy of their gift card via email.

4. The customer will be taken to a screen with a copy of their card, showing the current balance and expiry date. 

Accessing opted in recipient customer data

You can download copies of card data as CSV files from the Toggle dashboard. Any cards registered to a recipient will be shown against each card along with opt-in information.

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