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Issuing refunds & cancelling online orders
Issuing refunds & cancelling online orders
Need to issue a refund and cancel an order made on the web shop? Here’s how.
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If you need to issue a refund and cancel an order (full or partial), there are a couple of (simple) steps that you’ll need to take. 

  1. Refund the customer in your payment gateway (e.g. Stripe) 

  2. Cancel the order / reduce the balance of the purchased cards down to zero.

Full refunds

The first type of refund is a full refund for an order. 

1 - In your Toggle dashboard, locate the order you wish to cancel under the Orders screen.

2 - Open up the order

3 - Take a note of the Customer information/contact details and the Merchant Transaction Reference. You’ll need this to identify the relevant payment your Payment Gateway.

4 - Now click Cancel order

5 - You’ll be prompted if you are sure you wish to cancel. If you are, click to confirm.

6 - The order will now be cancelled and you’ll be taken back to the list of orders. The cancelled order shows with a Cancelled indicator next to it.

7 - Now open up your payment gateway dashboard.

6 - For Stripe, you can use the search bar at the top of the page and paste in the Merchant Transaction Reference number you copied from the Order Detail screen in Toggle. Other payment gateways also have similar search facilities.

7 - Again, in Stripe,  you can click on the payment to open up the details. You’ll now see the bottom to issue a refund. Other payment gateways have similar options for refunding the payment to the customer.

8 - Confirm the amount and click to issue the refund.

9 - You’re done! (Though you’ll also probably want to let the customer know too)

Partial refunds

The process for issuing partial refunds is similar, but this time you’ll need to manually adjust down the balance for each card you need to refund.

1 - Locate the order in your Toggle dashboard

2 - Take a note of the Merchant Transaction Reference as above.

3 - Click on View card details for the order item you wish to refund.

4 - Click on Adjust Card Balance

5 - Enter the value to refund to the customer (reducing the balance to zero if needs be).

6 - You can add a note to record the reason for the adjustment.

7 - Now go into your payment gateway dashboard, as above, locate and refund the partial amount that you wish to refund the customer. In Stripe, for a partial refund, manually adjust the amount using this field:

8 - Let the customer know, and you’re done!

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