Searching for orders and cards

Toggle allows you to search for both cards and orders making it easy to provide amazing customer support

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Toggle organises your customers into two main areas: Orders and Cards.


Orders are created for every new customer who purchases one or more cards. These are created for orders coming in from your webshop and from cards purchased in your sites. Remember, an order from the webshop could be for one or more cards in a single order.


Cards are the individual gifts that the lucky recipients will receive! Every card has a unique Toggle number and will be linked back to the order where it originated. If you are encouraging your recipients to register their cards, a card may also show the recipient’s details.  

Searching for Orders

You can view and search through your orders on the Orders screen. Here you can search for orders by:

  • Date range (the date the order was made)

  • Order Number (internal Toggle order ID)

  • Name (the person who made the order)

  • Email (the email of the person who made the order)

  • Transaction Reference (the unique transaction ref that was generated when this order was created - usually either the Payment Gateway or EPOS transaction reference)

  • Status (All, Pending, Cancelled)

Use the search fields to narrow down your search and the list of orders will update to show your search results.

You can also use the You have X pending orders button to quickly filter to those orders that still require fulfilling.

Searching for Cards

From here you can now search by:

  • Date range

  • Card unique code

  • Purchaser name

  • Purchaser email

  • Recipient name 

  • Recipient email

A "recipient" is either the person to whom a digital card was delivered or, in the case of cards that have been explicitly registered, the person who is now the registered owner of the card.

To view a card, click on it and you will be taken to a screen where you can all the details and transaction history for that card.

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