Adding users

Toggle’s ‘User Management’ dashboard is still in our development roadmap. So in the meantime, if you need to add a new user to your Toggle account, please email and provide:

  • The user email address
  • The user first and last names

Please send the email from the email address of the account owner (if you set up the Toggle account yourself, this will be you). We may need to run through extra validation checks to ensure you are the account owner.

Our technical support team will issue an invite email to the new user and they will be able to follow a link to complete their registration and set a password.

Multi-account users

If you have multiple Toggle accounts (for example a single company with multiple brands or if you are an agency looking after multiple accounts on behalf of your clients), Toggle allows you to access multiple accounts from a single login.

If you have multiple accounts that you need to link to a single user login, again this will currently need to be completed by our technical support team. Please send an email to from the verified account owner’s email address with a list of the accounts you wish to be linked. We will also need to verify you are also an admin user of the other accounts before your accounts can be linked and our support team will run you through this process.

Once linked, you will be able to switch between accounts using a dropdown menu on the Toggle dashboard.

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