Editing existing products

Learn about your options when editing a product with existing orders associated with it

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Editing existing products is easy in Toggle. Click on Gifts and click on a product to edit it.

When you edit an existing product that has orders associated with it and click Save, Toggle will ask you what you’d like to do when you try to save your changes.

You will be presented with three options, as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to keep the changes made, and update existing orders that were for this product, choose the option for Save changes and update existing orders. This means that your reporting and redemption on existing orders will be updated to reflect your changes.

If you want to keep the existing orders and reporting in their original state, but still update your product on your webshop for future purchases, choose Duplicate gift and archive original. Toggle will archive the original, and create a copy with the updates you’ve made in its place. Customers who have already purchased the gift you’re editing won’t see any change.

If you want to discard the changes made, and leave orders intact, choose Cancel.

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