On occasion you may need to cancel a booking and refund a deposit. You can use Toggle to offer a pre-paid card as a refund instead of refunding to the original payment card for your own cash and accounting purposes. Here's how to do it.

  1. Create a new product called something like 'Deposit Refund'. Remember, this title will appear in the email the guest receives. 

  2. Add in your deposit refund denominations and the description of what it is. This will also show on the email the guest receives.

  3. Make sure the Webshop status is set to Inactive so it doesn't show on your guest-facing webshop. Save this product.

  4. You can also optionally customise the email's subject line and copy for this specific product.

  5. On the Orders screen, you can now create a new order, and select this product to send out.

  6. Enter the guest's email address, or you can bulk create up to 50 cards at a time and send these to yourself to issue manually later.

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