Do you have merchandise to sell? Food or drink deliveries perhaps? The Retail Products feature makes selling non-gift card products and services on your webshop even easier.

1. How to create a Retail Product

From your Toggle account, click Products and then the Add new button (found near the top right of the page). A box pop up will appear; select Retail Product.

You'll then see a simple 'form' to fill out to get your Retail Product set up. Here's the details on what each bit means:

Product name. Add a name for the product or service you're creating. This will show up on the webshop and the receipt email the purchaser will get.

Product Description. This will be displayed on the product tile on the webshop homepage. You're limited to 100 characters, so make it enticing but concise.

Product Long Description. When you click onto the product from the webshop homepage, the long description will show up on that page. You have 400 characters to give the customer more information on the product or service they'll be buying.

Value options. Select the price of the product or service. If you have more sub-options and pricing to offer click the 'Add product sub-category' and fill out the other options.

Number available. If your product or service has limited availability (e.g. you have 10 t-shirts available to sell) you can set this limit to avoid a surplus in purchases. If you click 'Limited to' from the drop down menu, more options will appear to select your preferences from.

Product image. Pick an image to be associated to the product or service you're offering. File sizes should be under 2MB and we recommend dimensions of around 1300px x 750px.

Type of fulfilment available. Your main option here for these items will be physical in order to deliver the product / service. However, you'll see two options - physical and digital receipt.

When the digital receipt option is selected as the fulfilment service, your guests won't be asked for their postal address. Toggle assumes for these retail orders that the item will be collected in an alternative way e.g. click & collect. Bear in mind, that these orders on Toggle won't show as pending, and there won't be a way to mark as dispatched / collected.

When physical is selected as the fulfilment option, guests will be asked for their postal address; and these orders will show as pending, to be marked as dispatched - either by yourself, or by our warehouse if you use our Toggle fulfilment service.

Webshop status. If the status is set to 'Live', once you click the green save button your Retail Product will be visible on your webshop for customers to click on and purchase. Set it to 'Inactive' if you don't want the product to show up on the webshop yet.

Now you've filled out the those sections, your Retail Product form will look something like this:

2. Adding postage options

If you're not already selling physical products then you'll need to set some postage rules for customers to pick from at the checkout page.

Read here on how to do this: Configuring postage options.

3. How it looks on the webshop and the customer journey

Once you have saved your product (and set it to 'Live') it will appear on your webshop homepage like this:

Once you click onto that product, you'll be taken to the product page to select quantities and type of product (if there's sub-categories to pick from). By default the option to have it sent by is 'postal'.

When the customer clicks 'Checkout' and then 'Choose delivery' they will be taken to the delivery address page where they fill out the address to deliver to and select the postage option(s) available.

Once payment has gone through, the purchaser will receive a receipt email confirming their order, like this:

And once you've marked the item as dispatched, the customer will have a Dispatch email sent to them, like this:

4. Fulfilling and delivering orders

A blue icon will appear next to the Purchases tab on your Toggle sidebar indicating the number of new orders that need fulfilling and delivering.

When you click onto the Purchases tab you can click onto the pending orders to get the order details.

If applicable, add a tracking number to the order then press 'Mark as dispatched'. If there's no tracking number to add just press 'Mark as dispatched' when you're ready.

Read more information on how to do this: Fulfilling webshop orders

Click and collect

If you are offering a click and collect service, you can mark the product as 'dispatched' once the customer has arrived to collect their order.

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