Gift cards are usually the go-to thing to start selling on your webshop. They're quick to make and are usually the most popular type of gift to buy.

Here's a quick video on how to make a simple, public, digital gift card:

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How to create a gift card

  1. Click on Products on your Toggle sidebar

  2. Click on the Add new button (found near the top right of the page).

  3. A box pop up will appear; select Gift Card.

You'll then get a form to fill out to get your Gift Card set up. There's not much that needs to be done, and it can be filled out and completed within a few minutes, ready for customers to buy a digital gift!

Here's the summary on what each section means:

Product name. Add a name for the gift card you're creating. This will show up on the webshop and the gift email the recipient will get.

Product Description. This will be displayed on the product tile on the webshop homepage. You're limited to 100 characters, so make it enticing but concise.

Product Long Description. When you click onto the gift card from the homepage, the long description will show up on that gift card page. You have 400 characters to give the customer more information on the gift card they'll be buying.

Value options. Choose if you'd like custom or preset values (or both!). Select the gift card values customers can pick from. There's no limit to how many preset values you create, so you can have as many as you like. The preset value range must be between £0.50 to £9999.

Number available. If you'd like to set a limit to the number of gift cards available to buy (e.g. if you're selling physical gift cards and have a set amount available to sell) you can set a purchase limit. If you click 'Limited to' from the drop down menu, you'll also have a 'display number available' option appear next to the gift card on your webshop to tell customers how many cards are left to buy. Great for enticing quick purchases whilst it's available!

Product image. Pick an image to be associated to the product or service you're offering. File sizes should be under 2MB and we recommend dimensions of around 1300px x 750px.

Type of fulfilment available. You can set this to digital right from the get-go, but if you would like to sell physical cards as well we can help get these designed and printed for you.

Webshop status. If the status is set to 'Live' and 'Public' once you click the green save button your Gift Card will be visible on your webshop for customers to click on and purchase. If you set it to 'Live' and 'Private' the gift card will not appear on your webshop, but you can send customers a direct link (which is displayed at the bottom of the form page) where they can make a purchase, as normal. If you set the status to 'Inactive' the gift card will not appear on the webshop and cannot be found through a direct link.

Validity Rules.

'Cards should become active' let's you set a delay of up to a week after a gift card has been purchased. This can help alleviate chargeback fraud.

'Valid from' let's you set a future date when a gift card is redeemable e.g. if you're closed but want people to buy gift cards ready for opening day.

'Expire card balance' let's you set how long the gift card is valid for after purchase date or last top up.

'Reminder email' becomes an option to select once you set an expiry date. This email can be sent to gift card recipients between 1 week and 8 weeks before their card is due to expire, if they have any value left on that card. To customise the email that gets sent to go click on Expiry email on the Customise section.

Once the form is filled out, your gift will look something like this on your webshop:


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