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Data: The Cards report
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The Cards report is downloadable on your Toggle dashboard as a CSV file. You can open the report into a spreadsheet program such as Excel to view and edit the raw data.

Where to find and download the Cards report.

Here's the steps to find and download the Cards report:

  1. Log in to your Toggle account

  2. Click on Data found on the sidebar

  3. Click on Cards

  4. Click the blue calendar icon and select the date range to pull the data from*

  5. Click Add to queue

  6. Click the green download button when the export has completed its download

* This is based on the order creation date e.g. if you select January 1st 2022 - January 31st 2022 the data on the export will contain only the gift cards and products that were ordered within that date range.

What's on the Cards report?

The Card report keeps track of all cards created (within the date range you've selected for download) either through purchases made in-store, via the webshop, or issued free of charge via your Toggle dashboard. This export shows information such as the sites they were sold, the current balance of the card, when they expire, and the registered recipients of cards.

If you have multiple sites set up on your Toggle account you can attribute card balances to certain sites based on where last redemption was. You can also see if any discount was applied to a card.

The product types that will show on this report are Gift Cards and Experiences. If you have Retail Products or Pay-it-Forward's set up, those orders won't appear on this report.

What headers are on the Cards report and what do they mean?

Card ID

This is an internal ID that can be used to search for a card on the Purchases page.

Creation Date

The date the gift card was created.

Card Unique Code

The unique code used to redeem the gift card's balance.

Unique Code Alias

If we've imported gift cards from a previous provider of yours, those unique codes are shown.

Gift Name

The name of the gift card.

Order ID

A unique ID for the order that this card was created from, and a way to search out this order on your Toggle account.

Current Balance

How much money is left on the gift card at time of download.

Recipient Name

If the recipient registers their gift card their name will be stored here.

Recipient Email

If the recipient registers their gift card their email will be stored here.

First top up value

The first balance loaded onto the gift card at the time of purchase.

First top up reversed

How much balance is reversed (if applicable).

Sold in site

If the gift card was purchased in a venue that site name shows here.

Last redemption date

The date and time a gift card was last redeemed.

Last redemption value

The balance taken off the last gift card redemption.

Last redemption site

The site the gift card was last redeemed at.

Card initial balance discount types

The initial balance loaded onto the card before the discount / promotion was applied.

Card initial balance discount value

Total discount / promotion on the gift card when it was created.

Card initial balance promotion types

The channel where the discount / promotion was applied.

Expires on

The expiry date of the gift card.

Consent type

If the person receiving a gift card opts in for marketing consent (via the 'Register card' page on your webshop), this will have the date and time they did this.

Registered recipients and consents

If a card has been registered, the name and email of the registered recipient will show in the Recipient Name and Recipient Email fields.

If the registered recipient has also consented to marketing, there will also be an additional column at the end of the CSV showing the date of consent and an ID that represents the version of consent text that they agreed to.

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