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Here's how to make certain products hidden from your webshop!

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Making a private (hidden) product is quick and easy to do. All it means is the product is not visible on your webshop, but it's still accessible via a direct URL link that you can send to customers.

How to make your product private

  1. Login to your Toggle account

  2. Go to Products

  3. Click on a product you've made, or click the 'Create new' button to create a new gift

  4. Check the 'Private' option next to 'Webshop Status' prompt

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At the bottom of the form page, there's a direct URL link you can send to specific people you want to access the product.


The difference between an 'Inactive' and 'Private' product

Making a product inactive means it isn't visible on your webshop and it cannot be accessed via a direct URL link anymore (so if someone has favourited that link for example, they'd get an error 404 message appear).

Making a product active and private means customers can access that product only through a direct link - it won't appear on the webshop.

Why can making private products be useful? Here's a couple ideas:

Make exclusive bundle packages

So, to entice upselling, you can create an appealing bundle deal that contains products only available within that bundle. This could be a £20 gift card with an exclusive bottle of wine that's not available as an individual purchase option on your webshop.

Gifts for specific people

You're bound to have exclusive gifts aimed for specific people at some point. Perhaps a reward for a staff member, a gift for an influencer, or a prize for a competition winner. By tailoring a gift card or product - with custom gift name, value, and custom wording on the email they receive - it makes for a lovely gesture that makes sense for the occasion. Making that gift private (hidden) from the webshop means regular customers can't buy it and potentially get confused why they received a digital gift card titled "Congratulations on winning employee of the month!" for example.

Need any help getting this set up? Contact our support team -

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