The Toggle Playbook

The onboarding guide for setting up a Toggle account - with key features explained, and common questions answered.

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Welcome to your Toggle Playbook, designed to make your onboarding experience easy!

Now that you’ve signed up to Toggle; we’re going to guide you through the key tasks you need to complete in order to get your web shop ready for sales. As well as provide you with information on some of Toggle's key features, and common questions, to help you on your Toggle journey.

Want a checklist to help you stay organised? See our downloadable version here.

Step One: Getting Started

Your sales contact will have provided a sign-up link, but alternatively you can sign-up directly via the Toggle website.

Your account owner (usually the person who created the account) can add and manage users on your Toggle dashboard. This means that you can give other team members access to your account, too.

If you’re moving over to Toggle from another gift card provider, let us know if we need to migrate any outstanding cards into Toggle. We can migrate cards that are blank for selling, as well as ones with monetary value already on them.

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Step Two: Adding Products

Offering a mixture of products on your Toggle page helps attract different customers, and purchase types.

Providing a mixture of gift cards, experiences, pay it forwards, and retail items will target rational and emotional purchases. Feeling nostalgic can lead to your guests buying certain products, and even donating - what’s the story behind your items?

Remember to set an expiration date on all your gift cards and experiences - including the pre-made ‘In-Store Gift’ too!

You can organise the products on your webshop with our bundles and collections features. This is also a great way to market your promotions or seasonal products!

Bundles offer a great way to upsell, and incentivise your guests to make a higher value purchase - possibly encouraging them to buy something they weren’t planning on originally.

Private Products

Private products don’t appear on the main page of your webshop. Instead, they are accessible through a link that you’ll find on the product edit page.

You can use this link to share specific products through different marketing channels or send them out to individuals. This is a great way to drive traffic to your webshop through ‘exclusive’ links.

Target specific demographics with deals / experiences suitable to them e.g. student, PAs, etc. or even carry a split test on a new product’s copy and imagery before officially launching.

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Step Three: Customising Your Account

Customising your web shop brings your brand to life. It also helps create guest loyalty and increase conversion rates; as guests will recognise your brand and trust your gift card page.

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Step Four: Adding a Payment Gateway

The payment gateway allows you to process online payments, and receive the funds for your products directly, as all payment functionality is handled by them. Toggle never touches your payments, and is integrated with the below providers.

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Step Five: Integrations

Toggle needs to have a site created for each of your venues in order to redeem gift cards. To integrate your POS system you’ll need to have sites created.

Redemption activity and site information also pull into your data reports, which helps your bookkeepers keep track of financial information in regards to your venues.

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For EPOS integrations, you'll have to create an API. This acts as a bridge between Toggle and your EPOS system.

Once you've created the API - simply send it to your account manager at your EPOS provider. They'll then send back their site references which will link Toggle to each site.

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If you’re using POS Mode as your gift card redemption system, you don't need to create an API. POS Mode is automatically linked to your Toggle account. We'll give you a PIN to log in and then you can sell and redeem cards straight away!

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Step Six: Testing

Once you’ve completed your Toggle page, and all the steps above, it’s time to test out your platform.

We recommend purchasing a gift card as a guest would, experiencing the full customer journey, to check that your payment gateway is working as expected.

Once you’ve done this, you can test the redemption of this gift card on your EPOS.

If you plan to sell gift cards at site level, this can also be tested. If you’re unsure how to sell gift cards on your tills, reach out to your EPOS Account Manager for support.

Once you're happy, add your Toggle URL link to your webpage, social media channels, emails, etc. so guests can find your gift card page easily.

Step Seven: Go Live!

Congratulations! You've graduated - and are now ready to go live!

Not sure what to do next though? Check out our 'Going Live With Toggle' support article with marketing tips on how to drive traffic to your webshop.

If we spot anything that looks odd on your account, or might affect your guests’ purchase experience, we'll let you know / make the relevant tweaks.

Toggle Tips

Free of Charge Gift Cards

There are many reasons why you might want to issue a Free of Charge (FOC) gift card. For example as a good will gesture; replacing a lost gift card or as a competition prize.

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On Toggle you can run both added value gifting campaigns and traditional discounts.

These provide the perfect opportunity for driving extra revenue during seasonal sales dates such as Black Friday; Cyber Monday and January Sales.

You can set dates for the promotion to automatically become active/inactive. You can also select which products you’d like the promotions to be applied to.

Support Articles:


There’s a lot of information to absorb when you first start using Toggle, and from time to time you may have questions. To help, we’ve compiled a list below of some of the most common questions we get asked. But don’t worry if you can’t find your answer below, as you can check out our Academy here where there’s more information.

We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you have for your Toggle account! If you have any questions, or need some support, just let us know at:

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