Before we get started with this guide, the below guides may be useful to you:

- EPOS FAQs guide (an overview of how things work)

- EPOS integration guide (a detailed guide on how to integrate your EPOS)

📋Summary of how to integrate Toggle with your EPOS

To get your Toggle account(s) connected to your EPOS you need to do the following:

  • Add your sites to your Toggle account

  • Create an API on your Toggle account

  • Send the API details securely to your EPOS Account Manager

  • Add the relevant site IDs to your Toggle account

  • Test out a Toggle gift card on your EPOS to check it works as expected

The full details on how these steps are done are on our EPOS integration guide.

***Step 3: Send the API details securely by email to your EPOS Account Manager***

We recommend you download the CSV file on the link below and add the API username and password into the respective fields provided. You may need to contact our customer success team to find out your Account ID. You can find your Standard in Store Product ID on your Toggle dashboard.

Here's what's on the API file:

API endpoint:


(add the username you create here)


(add the password you create here)

Merchant ref:


Standard in-store product ID:

Account ID:

Your Cunninghams Account Manager will need to use all these details for their integration set up.

***Step 4: Add the relevant site IDs to your Toggle account***

Remember to ask your Cunninghams Account Manager for the site IDs for you to add to your Toggle account.

Once added, you will be able to query a list of available products from your Toggle store and select one for use. For the purpose of this integration, the “In-store gift card” option should be selected.

(Optional) Cunninghams also allows a gift card to be printed on a till receipt. You can customise messaging this within your Cunninghams back office. Speak to your Cunninghams contact for guidance on how to do this.

How to use the integration


Within your POS, you will have 2 options available to issue a card

  • Digital / till receipt issuance (no physical card) ("Toggle No Card")

  • Physical Card ("Toggle Card")

Toggle no card issuance

This will enable you to sell a custom amount on a digital gift cards which can either be printed on a till receipt ("Print"), emailed to a defined recipient ("Email"), or both. Choose the option that the guest wishes to use, and enter an email address if relevant:

Toggle card issuance

This will enable you to sell a custom amount to top up an existing card, or sell a physical gift card to a customer. To sell a physical card, choose the value and attach the card number to the order by scanning or keying in the card number.


When a customer uses a gift card, the operator has the ability to;

  1. Use the full balance on the card as part of the transaction

  2. Apply a part balance from the card as part of the transaction


To reverse the sale or redemption of a card, choose the Reverse option.

Once a transaction has been reversed on the POS the balance on the card will be updated to reflect the change

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